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Submitted on
September 17, 2013


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12/10/2014 : CLOSE
12/07/2014 : OPEN
09/27/2014 : CLOSE
09/27/2014 : OPEN

1. msrmatt waiting for the payment
2. siverstorm-cabba PAID
3. K-Nakano PAID

Bullet; Red Updated : 12/01/2014
1.commission Mailing List
2.How to Order Post Above
4.Prices Post Above added "Ink work"

Please read this post carefully before note or Email me!

1. Commission Mailing List

I email you before I open the commission. If you want, please email ( ) me. Please give a title of Email " Commission Mailing List " .

Just I let you know the date of the commission opening.

Please send me the reply after you get that mail. When I get your reply, you get a slot. Whether you can get a slot or not, first come, first served. When you become you don't need, please let me know that on the mail. I'll take you off from the list.

2. How to Order

Send me note or Email with these information.
Bullet; Green Note title "Commission"
Bullet; Green Your deviantART account (If you have)
Bullet; Green Your paypal e-mail address
Bullet; Green Commission type (Headshot Pencil / Headshot Color / Waistup Pencil / Waistup color)
Bullet; Green Reference
  I'm not good at English. I use google translation sometime. PLEASE PLAIN and SHORT TEXT ENGLISH.
  Expression, mood, personality, position. Pictures, illustrations. (Names of gears Head, Body, Hands and Weapon)
Bullet; Green Background type (Fill / Polca Dot / Stripe1 / Stripe2 / Transparent / ??? - As I want ) "Transparent" is only PNG file.
  [Commission sample] Background type by lita426t

3. Payment

Paypal USD only
I would appreciate it if you could pay the paypal transaction fee. When you are sending me a payment through paypal, please include your deviantART username in the paypal message. I can not refund the payment. Tip is always welcome! But you don't have to.


Bullet; Pink Headshot
Digital work / JPG 300dpi W1748~3496px x H1748px
[Commission sample][OC] Headshot pencil by lita426t Sample Ink work 02 by lita426t for Mak0087 by lita426t 2 Miqo'te girls for Vaniraa by lita426t
Pencil 50USD (Extra character per+25USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +15~25USD)
Ink work 70USD (Extra character per+35USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +20~35USD)
Color 80USD (Extra character per+40USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +20~40USD)

Bullet; Pink Waistup
Digital work / JPG 300dpi W1748~3496px x H3496px
for Ayacat by lita426t Sample Ink work by lita426t for Amdhuscias by lita426t WHM sisters for Matt by lita426t
Pencil 100USD (Extra character per+50USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +25~50USD)
Ink work 120USD (Extra character per+60USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +30~60USD)
Color 160USD (Extra character per+80USD : max 2 characters / Extra things +40~80USD )


Bullet; Orange Can : Your or my original characters / Your character of online game / My drawing style portrait
Bullet; Orange Can not : Copyrighted characters / Character design / Background / 18+ / BL / GL / Yaoi / Yuri / Violent / Grotesque / Mecha / Anthro / Realism / Realistic portrait
Bullet; Orange Extra things : Weapons / Animals / Foods / Flowers...
Bullet; Orange I might finish drawing within 2 month (~Feb 7th 2015). After I accept your request, please pay me. I start drawing after I receive your payment. First I send to you the draft(with Watermark). After I got your ok, I start drawing to finishing.
Bullet; Orange Information : I autograph my name on the illustration. You can check the process of drawing on "LITA BLOG"
Bullet; Orange Only you can get an original and full size illustration
Bullet; Orange Rights : For personal use only. If you want to use a illustration for commercial use, please note or Email me. You are free to print out the illustration, your personal use (Twitter icon etc.) On my side, I upload a photo of a part of illustration or small size illustration on my online galleries and SNS (dA, Tumblr, FB, Twitter) or use it for my portfolio. I will always add your name as the owner of the illustration (when it's your original character, with character's name also).
Bullet; Orange Sending files : I send to you download url on Dropbox. I delete Dropbox file in 1 month after I send to you.

09/20/2013 Adeacia
09/20/2013 DenethorM
09/20/2013 Nuiniachwen
09/28/2013 AtalantaDreamweaver
10/16/2013 ayacat
11/16/2013 Amdhuscias
11/22/2013 Miingno
12/14/2013 Slowbros
12/14/2013 catkitters
12/18/2013 catkitters

01/04/2014 Eltherzu
01/06/2014 Berri-Blossom
01/25/2014 Niriana
01/25/2014 PerfectChaos86
01/28/2014 Zente(Twitter)
02/06/2014 Astechro
02/23/2014 J.Lockwood(FB)
02/23/2014 Seizui
02/23/2014 Mak0087
03/15/2014 FCLumiere(Email)
03/15/2014 Yonnji
03/15/2014 Josh(Email)
03/15/2014 nightkidx
03/15/2014 Y.Y.E.Huang
08/15/2014 Anthony (Email)
08/15/2014 Vaniraa
09/27/2014 Cicicolino(Email)
09/27/2014 ayacat
09/27/2014 Matt(Email)
09/27/2014 Thomas(Email)
If you have any questions, ask me in this journal.
Thank you very much!!!

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kevv2 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
can't wait until commisions are back ^_^
lita426t Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Professional Artist
Thank you very much!
lita426t Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Artist
Hi! I made "Commission Mail List".
If you want the Email before I open the commission, please read following post .
Majime Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so glad I found your gallery. I'm definitely saving up for some art of my XIV main char. 
Hopefully I'll get a slot when you open again. Your work is amazing! <3
lita426t Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Professional Artist
I'm happy you liked my gallery! Looking forward you get slot :D
Thank you very much!
Majime Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! :)
lita426t Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Artist
Hi! I made "Commission Mail List".
If you want the Email before I open the commission, please read following post .
Thank you!
TaeyeeHawj Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Looking forward to next commission. Good luck :D
lita426t Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Professional Artist
Thank you!! :D
ItsZant Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
After your commissions open again, I mean.
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